My name is Dylan Poljak, I am a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College. I have a bachelors in Computer Science and a minor in Video Game Development.I have a passion for software development and architecture and am currently employed as a Software Engineer.

I am fascinated by technology and its perpetual march forward in development, I love the unknown and the thrill of discovery when trying to build or develop something new. In my spare time I love to tinker with computers and computer technology, I enjoy developing software and researching new and exciting technologies. If i’m not at work I’m typically kicking around in Unity 3D or Visual Studio with a personal project or just trying new things in various languages and technologies, I especially love mobile software development and game development. Various projects of mine can be found on the portfolio tab of this site and they range from professional projects that I have worked on or am currently working on to little code experiments that I did in a day.

When i’m not kicking around a software project I love to play some of my favorite games.I have always been a PC gamer at heart and grew up with the Age of Empires series, Quake and Doom, as well as the entire catalogue of Blizzard games.

If you have any questions or want to have a chat about anything, please feel free to send a message through (insert platform of choice here). I have all the social networks that I have accounts with listed right underneath the website title. I feel that programming is as much as an effort in communication as it is in technical knowledge so I pride myself on being quick and easy to contact.

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